It’s More Than Just A Dress

It's Dressember


Christine and I decided to take our pictures together for our Dressember collaboration post. We so cuteeee!

IMG_0257   IMG_9561   brighter faster   IMG_0313   IMG_0314   IMG_0295   IMG_0267   IMG_9549   IMG_0282   Collaboration

Electric Blue Geometric Dress\\ TJ Maxx

Pom Pom Grip Boots\\ Coach

Really Old Golden-Lined Cardigan\\ GAP (I no longer support GAP due to their lack of labor protection)

Purple Cotton Tights\\ GAP( I no longer support GAP due to their lack of labor protection)

Today, other bloggers and I have come together to post about DRESSEMBER! Each of us are registered participants in the Dressember campaign that uses fashion as a lieu to advocate for women used for their femininity. The Dressember Foundation is aligned with the International Justice Mission to rescue victims of slavery and sexual exploitation. All of us decided to collaborate together to help increase visibility and raise awareness of this event. Christine of Beyoutiful Hope and I decided to even double the collaboration by taking our pictures together for this fun post. It has been a while since I have seen this lovely lady and it was amazing to finally catch up with her after all the human trafficking awareness she has done. I have been trying as an individual to work on human trafficking awareness. But once she told me about this I was sold! I have a reason to wear dresses and help people!

Our goal as bloggers is to raise more money to help the International Justice Mission continue their abolition work! They all posted AWESOME DRESSember looks today, so don’t forget to hop on over to their pages(links below). Some of them are posting later today, but please be sure to come back and check them out! 😉

Check out my fundraising page right here: “They Call Me Yellow”

Just a little FYI:

Human trafficking is harboring and trade of humans. It is the second largest illegal industry behind drug trafficking and can occur in all areas of the world. And not only does it happen in pre-industrialized societies it plagues our world from the suburbs to the cities of the greatest countries. The types of human trafficking can range from labor to sexual exploitation. Those traded or used as slaves are coerced and put into strenuous situations that can result in extreme psychosis or even death. Some types are more prominent in certain areas than others such as labor trafficking in Western New York. 

Christine - Beyoutiful HopeBeyoutiful Hope is an ethical fashion and faith blog. It features ethical, sustainable fashion, lifestyle, and travel tips through the lens of a sister in Christ. Beyoutiful Hope’s Dressember Fundraising Page Life UnscriptedLife Unscripted is a blog about living life first, then writing about it. It’s full of life lessons, DIYs and tips, style, and photography. Life Unscripted’s Dressember Fundraising Page toliveabeautifully_biopicTo Live Beautifully is an inspirational blog about focusing on the uplifting and the beautiful things in life. Started by Kynley Michal as she sought after a happier and healthier perspective on life with posts about life lessons, fashion, beauty, decor, and local explorations around Denver, Colorado. To Live Beautifully’s Dressember Fundraising Page Cozy Reverie blog profileCozy Reverie is an art and style blog. It features Amy Watkins’s personal style, original artwork, and occasional adventures in sunny, southern California. Cozy Reverie’s Dressember Fundraising Page IMG_8460eStyled by Laurajane, is a personal blog featuring Laura’s outfits, photography work, and occasionally reviews of various ethical fashion companies. A lot of the post revolve about Noonday Collection, the fair-trade jewelry company that Laura is an independent ambassador for. Laura’s Dressember Fundraising Page



IMG_0272 IMG_9530

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