Coffee Shop Corners



Photo Credit: Thennapan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Photo Credit: Thenappan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Photo Credit: Thenappan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Photo Credit: Thenappan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Photo Credit: Thenappan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Photo Credit: Thenappan C. of Thenappan Picture Gallery


Wool Infiniti Scarf || American Eagle Outfitters

Black Vegan Leather Jacket || Francesca’s Collections

Maroon Cotton Tights || Borrowed

New York City Net Rimmed Shirt Dress || Gifted 

My ultimate goal in life is outreach. My life will revolve around it. No questions asked. The specifics are not necessary. But I’ve begun to consistently reshape my desires and actions in order to reach that goal. There is this uninterrupted deconstruction and reconstruction of thought processes taking place in this brain of mine. BUT failure, regardless of all the heart and passion we may have, is inevitable.

BOTTOM LINE: I did not complete the Dressember challenge. Nor was I able to raise my goal of three hundred dollars. I could have done both had I not been so preoccupied with the fact that THE PLAN to success I had spent months asserting myself over was marred. Okay, that’s exaggerating…maybe deterred would be a better word.

I FALTERED. I mulled over it for a good week and a half. I couldn’t handle the fact that I have to push back my dream and then miss out on some of the smaller ones I had wished to pursue. It was a blow to the level of  determination I had towards a successful future. AND THAT’S OKAY. IT IS COMPLETELY FINE TO BE UPSET. I needed to take a step back for a bit and figure out myself. That meant not launching myself into media or crowds of people. It meant keeping quiet while I let the disappointment settle. But now I’ve been offered a way to work on gaining ground towards a career in outreach. Unfortunately, it is forcing me to confront an issue I have never resolved. (That story shall be saved for another day).

All in all, I managed to raise $150 and have found that there are still people willing to donate…as for the days I did not wear a dress? I want to say approximately 8-10 days…But I’m really happy because last year I could barely start the challenge and was not able to raise ANY money. Then, the people who donated said they were extremely happy they were able to learn about why they should be lending a hand to the International Justice Mission. That $150 is now included in the 800K that all the Dressember participants raised for rescue missions to combat human trafficking…so in a way my start to a new year wasn’t really a failure. Insha’Allah there will be more successes to come.


To learn more about human trafficking and the industries that fuel it check out my articles and those of my colleagues at The Bloggers Against Social Injustice or see my older posts for more information as well. And if you would still like to donate to my campaign after reading click here.

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