George Washington say what???

“We must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.” -George Washington as he was crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day

In Spite of the Tribe

…تزوّجتني رغم أنفَ القبيلةْ .. وسافرتْ معي  .. رغم انف القبيلةْ ..وأعطتنْي زينبَ وعُمَرْ .. رغم أنف القبيلةْ وعندما كنتُ أسألُها : لماذا؟  كانت تأخُذُني كالطفل إلى صدرها  (وتُتَمْتِمْ:(لأنكَ انت قبيلتي She married me, in spite of the tribe; and she travelled with me, in spite of the tribe. She gave me Zeynab and Omar, in…