A Hearty Declaration


Be brave?


No I will BE BRAVE!




To those who shut down my efforts realize I am passionate even within the confinements of reality. I see no reason why anyone should render my values unjust. I care about the well-being of others as well as my self-respect. I am entitled to complete freedom as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of my brothers and sisters.

I am an educated young woman living in the age of globalization. And even with the ability to connect to an entire world within seconds I find myself limited by people unwilling to listen because I don’t look a certain way, because I don’t support the “right causes”, because I don’t have money, or because I don’t matter.
I realized a long time ago that the world is a deceitfully beautiful place. It’s dazzlingly blue and green but dimmed by the charmingly ignorant hearts of its peoples. I am so weary of feeling as if I have my determination to prevent social injustice is misplaced. Why should I struggle when the things that people care about the most are the things that will bring them entertainment?
I am told to do good, but when I chorus to others about the blindness society has to everyday evils I am the one who is ignorant. I am the one who is stupid for even trying.
Yet, even so I feel my efforts are a failure I refuse to give up. I will continue to talk about contemporary servitude, racism, second class citizenship, feminism, the commonality of sexual assault and the disregard towards it. I may be incapable of being completely independent but my voice is the one tool that I can fully use. And it will be my tool until I can actually use my own two hands to create homes for those who need it, offer my services to educate the young, and prepare other women for the cruel world that awaits them.


I sit here today to declare this statement because I understand the importance of self-expression and acceptance. And to declare my bravery as I am now a new member of the Sseko Brave Collective, a movement dedicated to advocating for women’s education in Uganda….Africa…and the world. Sseko Designs is a company to be recognized as it provides economic opportunities for women within ethical guideline. As the days go by you and I will both get to know Sseko a little better and become part of a change.

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