Dressember Lookbook 2015

It’s a bit tough wear dresses for 31 days straight, especially if it’s cold, and pants are a must. BUT the guidelines of Dressember are:

  1. You must wear a dress!
  2. You can wear the same dress for 31 days straight! (Now that attracts attention and get’s people asking questions-that way you can fundraise more ;P )
  3. You can wear pants, or tights under said dress.
  4. You can wear a skirt over the dress.
  5. You can wear practically anything over the dress.

Sooooo there is some leeway. However, just in case you’re having trouble my friend, Christine and I put together our own little video so you can get some styling ideas. Each dress was worn twice but styled a bit differently.

Hope you enjoyed. You can participate by donating to our team, Bloggers Against Social Injustice (BASI) or donating to our personal Dressember Foundation pages.


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