In Continuation

‘How many songs are left until the Hamlin House closes? Hmmmm a total of fifteen minutes before the event ends…so let’s say each song is about five minutes, then that’s a total of three songs I just have to avoid him for…I mean why leave now and stop my friend from enjoying her night. But I do have to tell her. Jeez why me? Why am I always in the crazy situation?’

And yes, it was one of few semi-dangerous situations I’ve been in. And I’ve noticed that much of it results from my definitiveness to not stereotyping people.

I began to panic after the cameraman walked away. I thought of multiple ways that this old man with his softness and charm wasn’t…I mean it’s normal for the young and old to socialize during an evening that’s supposed to bring the past into the present…that’s what swing dancing is.

After her dance she retreated to the bathroom, and so I followed.

I explained to my lovely friend about my newfound knowledge….and her honesty knows no bounds…”EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HE COMPLETELY VIOLATED YOU WITH HIS MIND”.


While we gathered our belongings and proceeded to the exit I think we both kept reviewing the night’s timeline.

So what now? Does this mean I can’t go back because I’m a future target? I decided that when I moved I would adventure. Take advantage of my freedom. The possibility of fear being the very thing to stop me now that I wasn’t limited by time or authority.  The drive home was so frustrating. I wasn’t in a club, I wasn’t at a bar, I went to an old souls event.

I sat up at night thinking about whether it would be my fault if I were to attend again and something happened…

Screw it. I’m going back. Just simply decline and avoid his presence. And if he tries anything his hips wouldn’t be the only bones of his that were ever broken.



Photo credit: Beyoutiful Hope


Photo credit: Beyoutiful Hope


Photo credit:Beyoutiful Hope

Polka Dot Flutter Dress || Modcloth (Borrowed)

Soft Pink Open Toed Wedges || Nine West

Salt Water Pearl Necklace || Borrowed from Mom’s Closet

Red Matte Lipstick || NARS








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