I’m Sorry.

My head has been so preoccupied lately that I haven’t posted. I’ve been wanting to box myself up for such a long time. I thought Patrick Star was incredible for doing something I have been wanting to do…living under a rock…because the ignorance that follows seclusion keeps you from getting hurt.  I still do want to be secluded.  Yet, not so much from the world as my sad, dreary routine. I lost my appetite for wanting to meet people while at school, but here in Spain I want to be friends with everyone…the kids playing in the streets, the guitarist who sings on the restaurant corner, and each chef behind my incredible meals.

I’m starting to find myself again, but this old self that is coming back is not someone who I welcome with open arms…she is impulsive, silly, and oblivious…she needs to grow up but what behaviors define the boundary between child and adult…I don’t know anymore. I’m tired of all the guessing and trying to figure out. So, I’m just going to be me and hope that the people I meet along the way, and have already met just accept it.

If they don’t, I’m sure I’ll be fine.


These are bits and pieces of Graná, Spain. A place I’ve only dreamt about. One where the taste is better than the smell. And I would love to share it with you. Follow my journey right here at teanhunny.wordpress.com


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