It’s Called Rang


Meet Zahra, a cutie with with adorable cheek bones. Here she wears a gold, royal purple shalwar kameez and keeps it at more of a traditional style with her dupatta pinned over the shoulders and her hair in a thick braid. Photo Credit to Sundus Sheikh


This girl is such a Punjabi Princess. She knows how to keep the churya stacked in a way that makes her Bollywood material. Photo Credit to Sundus Sheikh


Usually traditional styles tend to be something the older generations keep in fashion. However, Zahra despite that really made it look rich and stylish. Her earrings were heavy, and jeweled chandeliers which is hard for many people to pull off without overdoing the outfit, but it made her already gorgeous personality shine even more.


I loved this part of her outfit. A person with short, thing hair cannot pull of a paranda. Of course she had not trouble with this but it looked absolutely stunning with her outfit and added more to the color scheme of it without clashing.


:Hmmmm did I really not know that the camera wasn’t taking this?” lol Photo Credit to Sundus Sheikh


Amna, a soft voiced young women who has this sweet desi charm. She kept her outfit really sleek and simple that gave off a “my little black dress” kind of look.


Soooooo cuteeee! I can’t help but smile myself.

 Despite everyone wearing clothing of similar cultures a person was able to see the individuality of each and every person. An outfit spoke of simplicity in one’s everyday life and outgoingness or need for the company of others. There was elegance vs. life-like choppiness, bright vs. calm, and polished vs. edgy. I liked that even between all the loudness of the colors in one room their was a place for specificity. And within each individual there was a shade of happiness that night.




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