Picture Perfect at Punjabi Gala


This is the sassy Sundus styling a white faux silk anarkali with sheer sleaves. Her outfit styled or not had a certain elegance which I think would be hard to emulate. While the gown was white the beige and black embroidery really gave it this designer feel.


Sundus’ anarkali was patterned with large black flowers that inches half way up the sleeves. She accessorized with simple jewelry that made the style seem richer. Her necklace (not shown like her ring) was a small, deep red gem held by a antique gold cage. She also kept her nails simple, but funky with dual color palette.


I loved the embroidery at the bottom. It really is unique compared to those of other dresses. Instead of focusing the embroidery into one border at the bottom it breaks it up into small portions and uses large flower patterns. The pumps she wore also had this little bow where her toes peeked out giving her this cutesy look.


I just love that look. It says “I’ve got it going on and I know it!” Take a good look at her earrings if you can. They are borrowed but also a similar vine shaped chandelier design that matched her dress. And were of an antique color, really adding to the dress.


Left: Sundus; Right: Sofiya in a bright red, sleeveless anarkali with a round neckline surrounded by gems.


The headpiece gave her this modern princess look. And the pose really makes her look as if she is royalty. Photo credit to Sundus Sheikh


She also kept her eye makeup with golden brown colors which accented her features really well. Photo Credit to Sundus Sheikh


The neckline and bangles to match were a traditional glitzy. I immediately thought it had that party feel.


Look at that sass though!!!!



 I remember spending hours to get dressed for this event. And I was glad to get ready with a friend. Sundus and I made sure to start getting dressed at least four hours in advance to do our hair, makeup, and nails. This event isn’t just about the open dance floor. We were excited as students away from home to be somewhere that provided us with a little bit of our culture and the ability to just be ourselves without explaining who it is we are. It felt amazing to be around friends -that felt like family- in an environment that didn’t have us with our face buried in books or wondering what assignments were due. And seeing everyone dressed up with this absolutely wonderful spread of food put a twinkle in our eyes.


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