Red Carpet at Gala


Aren’t these girls gorgeous? From left to right: Fiza, Harpinder, and Sadia



Fiza sporting a sheer cotton sleeved and embroidered shalwar with an anarkali pants. She kept her style simple which made it easy to move around in but absolutely dressy.



The tunic was a faux button down with embroidery on the outside of the red shell and gold accessories just to give it an extra oomph. The outfit without gems held a certain elegance and really posed a girl next door look for her.



With that simple look the back of the dress was still sexy. The tie tightened the neck and allowed for a little peak of her beautiful skin.




Sister love!

sadia edited

Sadia like her sister decided to wear something simple but still intricate. Her accessories for the outfit gave her a more of a dazzling style which added to the gems on her neck and sleeves.


The sleeves on Sadia’s dress are net which was layered over the lining to add flare to the bottom and allowed for her skin to look as if it were laid with jewels.


This picture was a little blurry, but Harpinder rocked a sleeveless anarkali which was heavily embriodered at the bottom revealing a simple, but elegant style.


I absolutely love this picture. Harpinder aka “Happy” really had no problem posing in front of the camera as she rocked this rich, fiery looking anarkali. She kept her accessories to a minimum but clearly it wasn’t necessary because she was already so lively.



Meet Imandeep. This dude has some real style. He was the only guy who arrived in a velvet jacket, and the only guy who arrived with a bow tie. The velvet really had this 60’s, 70’s style going, but the bow tie and glasses kept it vintage. He mixed two different eras to form his own kind of swagger.


The bow tie and handkerchief were of a satin,polyester material which made the suit look polished. I really liked this style; so much I am planning to show this to my brother.



Away from all the seriousness of his pose I told him to smile lol



Left: Raman wearing a yellow anarkali with a neckline that was heavily gemmed and carried to her waist. Her sleeves like Sadia’s were sheer, but were not given a design. This was probably because her neckline was more intricate and anything else to would have been overdone. Right: Avneet in a hot pink sari embroidered in a flowery pattern. The top of her sari was lacy which gave it this really modern look. Their outfits were so bright, but it looked amazing! The best part of this event was the amount of color in the banquet hall.



The bottom of Avneet’s sari. As you can see there are no gems it was all shiny embroidery to give it a rich look.



Caught these girls trying to take an Oscar Selfie!!!!!!! ❤ They are such cute friends


Now if only Ellen Degeneres could have added them to the selfie!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending this soiree that is known as Punjabi Gala hosted by our university’s Sikh Student Association. Everything from the hall, to the people, and of course the food were amazing!

A few of my friends and I got really dressed up to attend this banquet, which is something we don’t get to do everyday since our lives are centered around our educations. It was a break from all the craziness of this semester. I am just sad that I waited until my senior year to get more involved with people of the same or of similar cultures. Why I waited? Well, when I moved away to go to college I was scared that most of the people in these clubs would be the stereotypical brown people I was so used to meeting. But that night I was able to meet new people and strengthen already made friendships. Plus, I was happy to learn more about Punjabi culture since I was raised in an Islamic Guyanese home.


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