A Notebook’s Past

Througout my college years I’ve unsuccessfullly tried to keep a journal that would exist as a collection of random memories or experiences.

Sadly, as a result of my dissatisfaction with or embarrassment from these readings all that is left are just a few passages or recorded texts.


These last few pocket notes seems to span from recorded texts, stories I’ve titled without writing, music pieces I was supposed to download, Facebook statuses, and endearing love letters from friends. Here is one as an example:

“I miss your face. And your wenus. And your butt. And the sound of your voice like music in a world that knows no sound. And your eyes like the lights of submarines penetrating the abysmal darkness of the sea with depth unfathomable. And every thing about you that I have come to know, you sister of mine. <3”

-A smile worthy note from one of my greatest friends in the whole wide universe.

I think I might continue to post them so that I may forever have them as treasures of a past failure. Now, it has been a whole year and I have proudly created what is my new journal, for all to read.

Happy Anniversary to Tea n’ Hunny!


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