Subdued Inspiration

I haven’t posted in a while and after little pondering I realized there is much I can write about, but there is the matter of feeling any desire to write about these events. I’ve realized my need for writing stems from any disarray and turmoil in my mind or life. And these days contentment and happiness are just emotions that seem to be so frequent even though I’ve had multiple people present themselves as challenges. This also being very recently….I’m talking about Spring Break recent. So maybe in the past four weeks? Ok, I guess it’s story time….or maybe discussion time.

Everyone’s perspective is always changing and this may be a biased thought but I feel as a college student I am currently being exposed to these completely different dimensions that all exist within this one time. Whether those dimensions are divided by economic status, social standing, political outlook, ethnic background, or religious views its amazing how so many different peoples are present on earth. The more I learn the less I know and the idea abhors me. The world has infinite possibilities of being this terrible place just as much as it has infinite possibilities of being a good place based on the people that are currently existing in it. For the most part it always seems as if the pressures of life are so heavy that being completely happy with the good is difficult.

But then there are those ever so few moments or stretches of time when everything seems alright. Where happiness is constant and there is something to look forward to.


I don’t say that last sentence as an ungrateful person but as someone who has spent much time existing rather than living. I am VERY content. I am a spoiled child and do have to remind myself on a daily basis that I am well-off than at least a good 75% of the world. But many like me spend most of their time doing what they are told, what is asked of them, and what they have to do to achieve these goals that should just be givens in life (ex. EDUCATION) rather than living to please themselves. They do what will please their parents, others, or will allow them to reach these standardized ideas of success. However, there are those ephemeral periods in which everything just seems to fit together and you have accepted the life God had planned for you.

Continuing on…It’s amazing how these so called people from different “dimensions” have this ability to influence lives. And I’m grateful for it too. I just don’t really feel like voicing my gratitude in hopes of not becoming that one person who is the emo texter – that one person feels the need to voice their love after each and every amicable interaction. So to those people…


JK. I love you guys.


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