Stale Milk

Finals are over, the dorms have cleared, and I am home. “HOME”, it sounds so beautiful. My arrival even more so.

After the Black Friday shopping spree my family and I had ventured on I didn’t think my parents would shower me with gifts, or even go to the trouble of getting something for what was my upcoming birthday.  And I didn’t need anything.

My first instinct as I got through the house door was to rip off my clothes and sleep away the exhaustion that lingered from a restless night. Instead I walk into my room only to find two beautifully wrapped boxes & a short stack of cards carefully set on my bed.  I was going to wait to open them. I didn’t want to see what would be inside the boxes, reassuring the anger that struck as I layed my eyes upon them. but my curiosity got the best of me. I ripped the paper to shreds and threw the lids off only to feel this array of emotions that produced this tumultuous effect emanating from my gut.

Feeling so discouraged I left the boxes on my bed; the cards unopened, and then proceeded to find the warmest room so that I could sleep. But no point in that right? My brain suddenly changed its mind…poor choice of words…well point is I couldn’t do so even with exhaustion waring my joints. Do you ever have that moment where you finally get the chance to rest after a long day and your brain won’t let you? Yeah, that’s where I pop some Advils.

Already frustrated I became more frustrated. Peachy. Just peachy. I twisted and turned until I could no more. I tried, but unlike the little engine who could I failed…miserably. And the entire time I just kept thinking about the presents and whether I should have opened the cards. Eventually I ran back to my room, grabbed the cards, & ran back to my brother’s room. I sat there on my brother’s bed- he has the warmest room and bed in the house; mine is as hot like a butcher’s freezer- nestled in the sheets. I teared open the 1st envelope & pulled out the card. I cried. I then proceeded to tear open the 2nd one with more fervor and a lot less coordination. I read it and cried some more. The same was done with the third. At this point I was overwhelmed.

I called my mother.

“You are home?”

“Yes. Thank you…….”


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