Black Friday Fashion Haul- Part 1









This Thanksgiving was definitely a thankful one. My family and I have only started celebrating traditional Thanksgivings recently (around my high school years). Basting turkeys, spicing gravies, and preparing stuffing are still new crafts to my parents. It also doesn’t help that Thanksgiving hasn’t really been Thanksgiving these last two years due to unexpected family business.

However, this year was a fresh start and I’m proud to say every member of my immediately family was here to celebrate. And there was even some added fun.

I’m talking about shopping spree fun!

Right after dinner the entire fam decided to head out and wait for eight P.M. sales to start. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mall madness like that before. While people decided to fill their carts with three or four t.v.s or camp out in front of Victoria’s Secret my brother and I were running around American Eagle. Now I thought it would be great to start off my fashion posts with the all the clothes my brother and I bought so here is my brother showing off his style in these timeless outfits.

The pink, gray, & blue-striped oxford shirts can be found at H&M. His chinos, blue jeans, & plaid oxford can be bought at American Eagle. Did I mention his clothes were all ethical fashion based?

P.S. I know this post was a little late, but it was so enjoyable to make. It just had to be put up! Enjoy!


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